Mix and match these products and technologies to help create optimally safe environments.

Air Filtration:

Indoor air quality is at the forefront of discussions now but will continue to be of utmost importance to protect residents, staff and visitors in the future from viruses, mold, bacteria and allergens. Several technology options exist to improve air quality to create a safe indoor air environment.

Touchless Temperature Equipment:

Temperature scan technology provides safety measures beyond checking for COVID-19 symptoms. Various product options allow users to set customized thresholds for acceptable temperatures, sending an alert to a designated monitor and reducing the need for staff to track data. Many of the interfaces can also provide security screening questions and the information that is entered is then stored for digital record-keeping, which can be used for contact tracing or staff and visitor logs.

Remote and Wearable Monitoring:

Bluetooth-enabled equipment and wearable technology has effective applications across the care continuum and can monitor both staff and resident locations within a building. Data collected can be implemented with predictive analytic technology to be utilized in readmission reduction programs with health system partners or to create operational efficiencies by customizing staffing plans based on reported resident data. The equipment and wearable technology can also be implemented for residents with memory impairment or for community staff tracking. During the current pandemic, the technology also can serve as a contact tracing tool.

Disinfectant Equipment:

Disinfectant sprayer technology disinfects surfaces, including countertops, floors, door handles and kitchen appliance handles, eliminating the costly expense of staff using small surface wipes and cloths.

UV Sanitation:

UV sanitation technology is a convenient way to eliminate harmful bacteria on commonly used items, including cell phones. Both hand-held options and multi-item devices can be utilized in community and administration areas.

Branded Signage:

Custom branded signage installed throughout the building will help encourage staff, residents and visitors to follow recommended safety measures.

Touchless Options:

The fewer surfaces touched, the less opportunity to spread germs. Touchless technology is not only more sanitary but it’s also cost effective. Some ideas include door openers, light switches, faucets, toilets, soap dispensers and towel dispensers.

Custom Dividers:

Social distancing is effective but not always possible. Dividers are a functional, cost-effective, alternative to social distancing. Highly customizable dividers work in any space and can be mounted on the floor or ceiling or be free-standing to be as flexible as the activities you provide to those in your care. Consider incorporating dividers into your front desk, dining areas, therapy rooms, employee workstations, multiuse rooms and more.