Virtual is the new reality! Gain trust and a clear competitive advantage by showcasing your infection control safety precautions with the
SMART MARKETING virtual platform.

Virtual Marketing

Smart Design is an investment not only for your residents, guests and staff safety, but also in your community’s future. Smart Marketing can help create customized and streamlined sales efforts to not only highlight community safety features implemented with Smart Design technology, but also interact with prospective residents. Software dashboards can track online visits for sales staff to view prospects’ search requirements and target the sales process accordingly. It’s affordable and convenient to showcase your community’s ability to focus on safety while maintaining the social nature of senior care.

Virtual Tours

A prospective guest and resident’s first impression now starts virtually. Personalize virtual tours of your community, and highlight your implementation of Smart Design safety features, across multiple platforms. A virtual tour can be used on your existing website, paired with search engines to optimized SEO results, and also can be tailored as a customized email link to prospects for a virtual meeting. 

Virtual Sales Training

Marketing and sales teams can be equally effective virtually compared to in-person when given the proper training. Smart Marketing pairs you with consultants specializing in the unique aspects of online sales in senior care including tools for Zoom meetings and utilizing virtual tours.